Previously we are from letssavethecd.com which has been operating since 2013. Due to some technical issues we had no choice but to start afresh and moved to a new domain name called letssavethecd.net. We are in the mist of adding our back-catalog into this new website.

The reason why we started this site was because we believe in the physical consumption of music. Holding a CD/LP in your hand and listening to the songs is a totally different experience as compared to downloading it and putting it on the phone. We love to see the album cover, the artwork, the lyrics and the flow of the album. All these things that you cannot be felt with the MP3.

We are just a group of die-hards still believing in the CDs/LPs era. We hope to gather more people like you to join us in this crusade.

We have a physical store located at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #03-30 Singapore 228213 Tel: 68367657 (open from 2pm-8pm).  We are glad to help you with your orders for any CD (English Pop/Rock/Metal/Jazz/OST) just visit or contact us!

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