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Account Matters

Updated as of 18 August 2020.

Please note that you can create an account from

Your address will be saved if you have provided your address when you place your order.

However please note that your account will be deleted after 1 year of inactivity for security reasons.

For completed and pending orders we will keep the personal information for 6 months on this website.

If you would like your personal information to be removed (example – name, address) please send us an email we will assist you further.

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Payment Methods

We have a variety of payment methods listed below.

DBS PayLah!/PayNow
You can use DBS PayLah!/PayNow to pay.
1. Send the payment to 9066 4449.
2. Email or message us for confirmation.
3. We’ll contact you once we have confirm your payment.

1. Check out using “International Shipping” as payment method.
2. Select Paypal on the payment page.
3. We’ll contact you once we have confirm your payment.

Kindly note for local (Singapore) customers please add additional 3% to the total cost for PayPal payments.

Western Union
1. For Western Union, please select “International Shipping” as payment method.
2. Send us an email with your order ID.
3. We’ll contact you on the total amount (item + shipping cost).

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Shipping Info

Our shipping rates are as follows.

Do note that prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

Self Collection:

Singapore Postage:
CD – $2 per item
Vinyl – $6.00 per item
Woven patch – $1.15 per item
T-Shirt – $2 per item

Overseas Shipping (Outside of Singapore):
Please select your shipping country in the shipping options and proceed to place order.
Do drop us an e-mail for us to follow up.

Estimates for overseas shipping:
1 to 3 CDs – $8
1 to 3 Vinyl – $50

Should you seek further clarifications, you may email us at

Payment methods:
PayNow/DBS PayLah!
Western Union

Kindly check Payment Methods for more information.